Gervasi Vineyard: Winery Resort

The Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, Ohio is a multi-year and multiple building project with design beginning in 2008 and culminating in 2022. FMD is proud to have been a part of every project on the property starting with the Bistro and its 2010 AIA Design Merit Award. Always with an Italian inspiration, the building aesthetics include rustic, old-world and contemporary, with the use of stone, wood and stucco blending them together in a romantic and authentic feel. The facilities have won many awards over the years for the experience they offer guests, and it is exciting to see how this destination venue has grown and flourished.

“I have had the privilege to work with Melanie on both a home project and business project. She is an outstanding architect and the outstanding results of both projects are examples of her creativity and abililty to work outside the box. Melanie is easy to work with and eager to satisfy the client which makes for a very pleasant design experience. Both my home and business project were very unique in nature and I have always been impressed with Melanie's ability to be creative and find solutions to complex design challenges. I highly recommend her!”
Gervasi Vineyard,
Scott Swaldo, Owner