Greater Akron Chamber – Business to Work for 2019

Jun 20, 2019 | News

Have you heard who was named as the Business to Work For, by the Greater Akron Chamber? We were! FMD is proud to have earned this award, as we are truly excited to see our efforts to create an engaging environment be recognized in our community.
Business To Work For: A small or mid-sized business creating a culture and environment for their employees and/or customers that creates a great place to work and a great model for other companies to emulate.

Check out our video from the event for more about our story, community service, and who we are. Creating an award-winning culture certainly doesn’t happen overnight, and our Owners Mark Moore and Melanie Friedman spent many years honing and enhancing our processes and building an awesome core team of staff. We put our clients first and love to work hard as a team that supports and encourages each other. We also love to have fun! Whether it is during a monthly fun event or brainstorming session, we are energized by passionate ideas and opportunities to relax and unwind. These have been known to include activities like kickball, golf, bowling, and hiking, or merely kicking back and playing games over some snacks and spirits.

We have found that we can create more quality in our work and keep ourselves much better engaged in our projects when we take time out to rejuvenate. This is also done in the form of semi-annual retreats where we focus on leadership training and refining our internal processes so that we can perform at an ever-increasing level of excellence. This is a great opportunity for staff to have their voices heard and contribute to developing how we can best serve our clients.

If you have architectural skills and made it to the end of this blog, you must find what we do intriguing… Well, we are hiring for two positions and are looking for individuals that will fit our culture and are seeking a place they can engage and thrive. If this is you, send us a resume!