Living the Values – July Winner

Aug 9, 2019 | Blog

Congratulations to Timothy Ruzic, FMD Architects’ awesome Education Lead Architect! Tim was awarded our monthly Living the Values Award for our Core Value of Relationships. July was a fantastic month for Tim, evident by the numerous compliments we received from clients on his behalf. He has done a great job connecting with people both inside and outside the office, and builds a high level of trust with everyone he works with. There were many fine examples of our core values exemplified by the staff, but this month’s “secret” judges Brian Grafton and Emily Ussia felt Tim was the best choice. We agree! If you see or talk to Tim, be sure to compliment his efforts and his Relationships!
About the Award:

In addition to being recognized in front of the entire FMD staff, each award recipient gets to proudly display a Professional Wrestling style belt in his or her cubicle for the next month. The flashy and fun belt was designed with embossed metal placards highlighting each of our core values including Commitment, Listening, Excellence, Adaptability, and Relationships. As an acronym for CLEAR, these values convey our culture as a firm and also serve as a reminder for specific ways we can provide quality service to our clients and our teammates. Look for a posting next month to see who takes over the belt next!