Living The Values Winner – January 2020

Jan 24, 2020 | Blog, Living Values

Congratulations to Polina Yavorsky, FMD Architects’ amazing Senior Technical Designer! Polina was awarded our monthly Living the Values Award for our Core Value of Relationships.

Polina’s relational mindset makes her a much-appreciated teammate. Valuing personal connection, Polina often favors in-person communication or calls in lieu of email. She constantly provides valuable feedback that’s void of any criticism or complaint, and she fully commits to team collaboration. She often provides solutions that surpass the needs of the problem at hand, and her positive attitude cannot be beat. For those and for many more reasons, our “secret” judges, Brian Grafton and Jillian Syroid, felt that she deserved to be awarded the Living the Values Champion Belt! Congratulations on your win, Polina, and thank you for a job well done!

About the Award:

In addition to being recognized in front of the entire FMD staff, each award recipient gets to proudly display a Professional Wrestling style belt in his or her cubicle for the next month. The flashy and fun belt was designed with embossed metal placards highlighting each of our core values including Commitment, Listening, Excellence, Adaptability, and Relationships. As an acronym for CLEAR, these values convey our culture as a firm and also serve as a reminder for specific ways we can provide quality service to our clients and our teammates.

Look for a posting next month to see who takes over the belt next!