Local companies FMD Architects and Millstone Management Group connect for Opportunity, Change, and Growth.

Apr 5, 2019 | News, Press Release

Pauline Kezer, former Connecticut State Legislator, said “Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights”. FMD Architects, Inc. and Millstone Management Group have worked together to initiate such a change for the betterment of our relationship and long-time FMD staff member, Robb Seders. Having been on the architectural side of the table for over 20 years, most of which has been with FMD, Robb has worked in a variety of sectors. From K-12 educational projects to retail, hospitality, and more recently animal care, Robb has a wealth of experience, and helped develop deep roots within the firm as well as set up processes, procedures and standards that the firm will utilize for many years.

In thinking about his goals for this year and into the future, Robb expressed interest in seeing project management from the contractor’s view to help him gain perspective and grow in new ways for his next 20 years in the industry. Millstone is one of the construction companies that FMD and Robb have collaborated with on many regional Animal Care and Educational projects. Chris Huntley, Vice President of Millstone, and Mark Moore and Melanie Friedman, Principals of FMD agreed that assisting Robb with his desired growth was a great opportunity for both firms. FMD and Millstone are pleased to announce this new “branch” in our working relationship. This move enables us to have a stronger collaboration, and clients will experience a more holistic approach when we are completing Design Build projects together. Both of our teams are excited to be part of helping Robb realize his goals for the future when he starts with Millstone this month. Through it all, Robb will be able to continue working with long time clients in a new role and help finish strong with current projects wrapping up construction. Congratulations, Robb – after many loyal, hard-working years, you deserve this new chapter to stretch, grow, and reach new heights!