VetERinary Specialists of the Rockies

VetERinary Specialist of the Rockies is a 24-hour emergency hospital with full veterinary services designed in 2017. The facility includes three surgical rooms, full induction area, ICU/recovery and treatment spaces plus specialty areas for endoscopy, ophthalmology, ultrasound/scoping, cardiology, dental, and oncology with a clean room lab.

Our Services

FMD Architects provided planning and design, full architectural services, engineering, and interior design services for this interior renovation project. We completed programming and complete design of the entire facility with flexible growth areas. We assisted in permitting, bidding and negotiations, scope reviews of contractors and 10 months of construction administration, including pay applications and full close-out documentation throughout the four phases of the projects. In 2021, FMD continued the development of the new PET-CT (Positron emissions tomography-computed tomography machine room).


Client spaces and access are separated from doctor and staff circulation with additional spaces utilizing heavier equipment located on the lower level slab on grade, such as the clean room and CT scan room. Additionally, the space contains an outdoor covered play area that features materials or elements to facilitate cleanliness and safety for both animals and people.


This state-of-the-art facility is a full emergency and specialty hospital featuring noise and odor control as well as HVAC designed for proper ventilation for optimal health of the animals. FMD was the owner’s liaison and partner during this project, connecting them with leaders in the industry for durable materials, equipment, specialist physicist room and Oncology Clean Room design, furnishings and CMR/GMP. We continue to develop new ideas and opportunities for growth.


Castle Rock, Colorado

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“We have enjoyed an ongoing relationship with VSR’s team over the last 6 years. As their practice has continued to grow, we have served as a partner to help expand their facility and the services its spaces are able to support.”
Mark D Moore,
Principal, FMD Architects