We’re Fear Free Certified!!!

Aug 7, 2019 | News, Press Release

We believe by consistently educating and enriching our team, we will create a better experience for our clients and for all! Recently, our very own John “J.C.” Stouffer and Tory Leuthold became Fear Free Pets Certified Professionals!

Fear Free is the concept of reducing stress in patients (animals) which will give a more pleasant experience for the pet owner, veterinary team, and of course the patient. As designers in the Animal Care Industry, we strive to provide the
best outcome for all involved in the project, which in turn gives the patient (animal) a pleasant experience during their visits. By becoming certified, John and Tory, are able to ensure every project in our Animal Care Studio is designed with the best practices for the physical and emotional well-being of the animals our clients care for. At FMD, we are all animal lovers and enjoy seeing our pets happy and fear free. By becoming Fear Free Certified Professionals they assist in our team’s design mantra and help us create better practices not only for our clients, but also for your pets! We’re proud of John and Tory’s dedication to improving themselves and their projects, and for taking this extra step to make the world a little safer for your animals